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The Vancouver Island Literacy Network is pleased to offer affordable home reading books for K – 3 classrooms.  You’ll find ordering information under the, ‘Books’ tab of this site or click on this link:   http://www5.sd71.bc.ca/literacy/book-themes/affordable-k-3-books/















Welcome to our literacy website for S.D. #71 (Comox Valley, B.C.).  You will notice that there are a lot of graphics and links within this website that support classroom assessment practices.

When we know our learners well, we can offer a meaningful next-step for each of our students.  Damian Cooper, a Canadian educator who helps us connect curriculum and instruction with assessment, states that assessment is a, “caring, sensitive process.” (Talk About Assessment: Strategies and Tools to Improve Learning, 2007)

Assess comes from the latin verb and means to sit beside.

  • When we listen to our students, watch what they do and review their products, we have a better understanding of their abilities.
  • Descriptive feedback trumps scores out of ten, letter grades or percentages every time. When we assess our students, we place the emphasis on learning.
  • When we evaluate our students, we place value judgements on the work they do. Hmmm? Does that place the emphasis on the mark, grade or percentage they got rather than the task at hand?

Carol Walters

K-7 District Literacy Resource Teacher