After Assessment Instruction

What’s This Text About?

Main Ideas ~ Explicit Instruction for Primary Classes ~ Our curriculum support team has noticed a trend across our district. Primary students are able to find lots of interesting details as they read nonvfiction text, but most students miss the main ideas.   This may not seem like a big issue for grades 1, 2, and 3 students, but in years to come when the text gets more sophisticated, many students will be overwhelmed.  So please have a look at this lesson sequence.  The ideas have been gathered from favourite resources and represent student-friendly ways to teach students how to determine importance. Click on the link if you are intrigued how spaghetti, flashlights, and overhead transparencies might be used to teach these skills!

Main Ideas & Note Making Lesson Sequence for Intermediate Classes ~  While doing formative reading assessments in the Fall in many of our classes across our district, our curriculum team noticed that many students were overwhelmed when asked to share what an article was about. (i.e. Find a way to show that you know what this article is about).  Some were finding nothing but details, others didn’t know where to begin, and very few were finding the ‘topic/main ideas/details’ structure found within nonfiction text.  As a result, we experimented with the use of post-it-notes to mark up nonfiction text in this series of student-friendly lessons.  The link above takes you to our pictoral lesson sequence.