Several picture books are featured in this inquiry into words through playful creativity.

Children are encouraged to think creatively, play games and create some of their own as they launch into all the fun that words have to offer!

Words ~ A Playful Exploration
What is an Ozobot?  Is it Oh-zo-bot or Ah-zah-bot? What do you do with an Ozobot?  How do you make it work? What does it do?


Your students will quickly find out.  Just watch them go!

Let me introduce you to an OZOBOT


OZOBOTS across the curriculum

OZOBOT Black Line Masters ready to print on 11 x 17 paper

Launching an inquiry with a little mud could be fun, but if you’re not brave enough for that, there are books, video clips and activities to get kids instantly engaged.Mud Inquiry
Please click on the link below to see a list of books to inspire outdoor learning:


Outdoor Ideas: Take Inspiration from some Great

We have new outdoor kits at the LRC for you to check out, and more on their way!  But if you can’t get this popular kit, most of these books are available at your school’s library!

The SD 71 kit for this inquiry is launched with a large model of teeth, but your dentist might have something to intrique learners.  If not, there are books, images, video clips and activities to engage learners in this quick inquiry about teeth!An Inquiry into teeth
Several birds’ nests became the launch for this inquiry.  Students observed, they asked questions and we analysed what they were curious about. They were more interested in the egg bits in the nest than the nest!  This led us to some research about the embryonic development of chicks!Building a Bird’s Nest ~ Inquiry
A group of educators from the Comox Valley School District were pleased to partner with the Comox Strathcona Regional Dsitrict to look at waste management.  Our new,  $20 million landfill may only last 15 years, so an inquiry called, “Where Does it Go?” seemed only natural.Where Does it Go?

Kindergarten – Grade 3

Thank You Earth Class Book :

With many thanks to the students in Mrs. Young and Mrs. Fullerton’s, grade 3 clas at Arden Elementary for this amazing sample!

Earth Day Every Day for Intermediate Classrooms

Starting the school year off with an inquiry about personal identity makes a lot of sense.  As students explore the stories of their names through a variety of picture books, classroom community is created.  And teachers get to know students. But don’t worry if you’ve missed this work at the beginning of the year.  It’s perfect anytime!What Makes You, You? ~ Primary Guide


What Makes You, You? ~ Intermediate Guide

Why do some people knit?  Your answer may involve the words sweater, toque, mittens or socks.  But there’s a large body of research that connects knitting to personal and social wellness.  The teacher guide for this inquiry project might just make you brave enough to try knitting with your students! And you might be glad you did!Why Knit?