Lesson links and support materials for after DART instruction.

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Reading Strategies charts

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(for grades 3-7)

generic comprehension questions


Students require lots of explicit instruction to learn how to infer. In this lesson, students try to infer on their own, then add the thinking of others students. Assessment information is contained on the first page of the link below. This activity provides a lot of information about each student’s ability to infer.

This activity provides rich formative assessment and a great example of how oral language can be used to deepen comprehension.

Inferring Meaning from Poems


When most of us were in school, we were simply told to read between the lines.  Making inferences is such an important skill.  It reflects our ability to add thinking to literal evidence. It deserves so much more explicit instruction than read between the lines!  Use the formula listed in this link to help students (and teachers) de-mystify the skill of inferring.

Twelve Terrible Things: Infer from Pictures

Teach students how to infer by helping them to distinguish between literal clues (evidence) and inferential thinking.  These pictures will help. With thanks to Faye Brownlie for this suggestion!

Infer from Pictures  

Body Language Photos

More Body Language photos

In this set of lessons, students infer from pictures using a sentence framework, sequence pictures and then infer the meaning of the story.  Thanks Melanie Zimmer for this lesson.


In this lesson link, students will learn that connections are like velcro – make ’em stick! Thanks to Connie Fowler and Jennifer Hedican for this lesson.



In this lesson, students will determine importance while reading a chapter of a novel. Thanks to Catherine Manson and Cindy Blackmore for this lesson.

Determining Importance

Don’t miss this series of kid-friendly lessons to teach students how to determine importance.  Lori Mansueto, Jan Miller-Fox and Cheryl Lloyd have read a variety of professional resources and picked their favourite lessons to teach this important reading skill. Thanks ladies!

Determining Importance and text features

When students have had practice inferring from body language, pictures and poems, they are ready to infer from text alone. In this lesson, simple sentences are used to teach this valuable skill.

Simple Sentences to Infer Information.