Gr. 4 Writing Rubrics


When working with rubrics, use one of the targets to create a clear learning intention (e.g. writing leads to hook the reader). Provide explicit instruction for this target and model what quality looks like.  Then, co-create criteria with students and offer descriptive feedback about each specific target. When students fully understand a target, they are able to self assess and do peer assessments too. Research indicates that these steps increase student achievement and engagement.


gr 4 impromptu


gr 4 story

Gr 4 Instructions and Procedures

gr 4 Reports and Articles 

The rubric link on the right was created by the grade 4 and 5 students in Jay Bridges’ class.  As part of a poetry unit, Jay had them co-create the criteria contained in this rubric. That’s ownership! Yeah team!  gr. 4/5 poetry rubric