The Mid/ End of Year Number Sense Assessments, help us answer the question, Did we get there?  These assessments if done early can also help us "fill" any gaps in learning before the end of the year.  There are 2 parts; a math problem to solve (Surrey Problem Solving Assessment) and a conference with a teacher part, all within a fun context from a picture book.  We often provide an assessment team to "blitz" a class before creating the class profile spreadsheet.  Individual teachers may want to do a part of the assessment, or assess only certain students completely.

 Mid / End of Year Kindergarten Assessment - Fish Eyes

Milieu/Fin de l'année évaluation - maternelle - Fish Eyes


 Mid / End of Year Grade 1 Assessment

Milieu/Fin de l'année évaluation - 1e année - Un est un escargot, dix est un crabe

 Mid / End of Year Grade 2 Assessment - Chicken Stew

Milieu/Fin de l'année évaluation - 2e année - Charivari chez les fourmis


 Mid / End of Year Grade 3 Assessment

Milieu/Fin de l'année - 3e année - Armeline Fourshedrue

Mid / End of Year Grade 4 Assessment