For School District 71's teachers, this is a collection of documents that you might find useful in getting going with the Diagnostic Math Assessment and then interpreting your student's results.

Note to out of district visitors:  The Diagnostic Math Assessment is an end of grade 2 to beginning of grade 10 assessment tool that we use in our district, developed by Island Numeracy Network.  It is blocked for out of district viewers to our site.  If you would like more information or to purchased the assessment for your school district, please contact

Description Link to Document
How to get going ... learn how to get your students logged on to the assessment and how to analyse your class results. Get going

Work and Wonder Sheet ... I use this with students when they are working at the computer.  When 'launched' with, I need this information to help figure out what I need to help you with, students tend to summarize their trouble spots and have a place to figure out answers, rather than just doing it in their heads.

Work and Wonder
Grid to transfer class results ... you can copy and paste your class results into this document. Class results
Summary of results template ... I use this version to help me analyze the class results and report them back to the teacher(s) involved. Template for summary
Sample report ... to get you going, this is an example of an analysis.

Sample summary