Math Sites

B.C. Math IRP Here is the link to our math curriculum.  A very valuable section of each document is the achievement indicators, found on aproximately page 50 of each grades document.  It describes what a child who fully meets the learning outcomes should be able to do.


Be a Mathematician

Thanks Celine for bringing this excellent British site to our attention.  Down loadable activities - many of which are games, are sorted by age level and math topic.  Some of the place value games look great.  Let me know us know which ones have worked for you.

Creative Mathematics

Kim Sutton's site has many free math files from her conferences and is a good place to visit to see the professional resources available.

 Learn Alberta

Take a look at Alberta Education' searchabe website.  This is the home of the glossary that is recommended by our BC IRP. The good news is the link to French resources as well.  Cheryl recommends this one web page for grade 6 and this one web page for grade 5 for French Immersion teachers and students.   

 Manitoba Education

Curriculum support documents from this link are outstanding.  They are sorted by grade and learning outcome which tie directly to B.C. Mathematics Curriculum.  Great games and black line masters as well!

Math Solutions

This is the site I visit when I am looking for professional books and webinars.  Marilyn Burns is the founder.

Math Teacher's Web Page

Take a look at Central Okanagan's web page, managed by Lorraine Baron.  Lots of resources listed and links to other sites.  As I find gems of this site I will post them by grade level.

Math Wire

This excellent site out of the United States, has a searchable collection of lessons that are clear and easy to follow with many downloadable pdf files.

Mathematical Thinking

Carole Saundry's blog is a helpful place to visit.  The B.C. consultant posts all of her lessons and activities shared at her workshops throughout the province.  It is a searchable site with many French activities posted as well.

Mathematics in Movies

If you are looking for links to the real (or not so real) world to help with the question, "When will we ever need to know this?" take a look at the movie clips found here. (Thanks Tammy for this one!)


National Council of Teachers of Mathematics - I go to this site when I am looking for lessons, articles and math problems.


On the nRich website you will find thousands of our free and searchable mathematics enrichment materials (problems, articles and games) for teachers and learners from ages 5 to 19 years. All the resources are designed to develop subject knowledge, problem-solving and mathematical thinking skills. The website is updated with new material on the first day of every month.

Thanks Christine Watt for bringing this GREAT resource to my attention.  The December advent calendar of 'games' is an excellent example of the resources on this site.

Number Fix

This is a new one to me (Thanks Carol!)  It has strong links between writing and mathematics, with lots of lessons and student samples.  Check out the grade 1 lesson for Marilyn Burns book, "The Greedy Triangle" as well as the Math photo contest which I could see being used for upper intermediate Shape and Space challenges

Read Now BC

The early numeracy assessment continuum helps kindergarten teachers observe and support students' growth as they participate in purposeful play with hands-on materials, games, and number activities. Authentic scenarios and sample student assessment profiles show how the early numeracy assessment continuum can be used to guide instruction and support in a kindergarten setting.

 Smart Board

British Site

This link will take you to a British site that has several hundred numeracy (and other subjects) related free smart board activites!  If you find any that are specific to my posted lessons, please let me know and I will add the links to the lesson.  Thanks Tammy for forwarding the link.

 Smart Board

BC Site

Elaine Nessman has posted a lot of Smartboard Notebook files on this wiki that are very appropriate for primary grades.

Teach Math

Updated link An Ontario school district site I keep referencing.  This site is loaded with simple, very useable activities organized by grade level.  They have now added some interesting activities at the grade 4 level.  I will give the decimal popsicle sticks a try at the grade 5 level.

 Virtual Manipulatives


Teachers in our district have been enjoying this site as they are great for demonstrating math concepts and are usable on a Smart Board.  However, watching a demonstration is not the same as a child manipulating the materials themselves so please provide them with both experiences! 

 Virtual Manipulatives

McGraw Hill

This McGraw-Hill resource allows you to build your own virtual math
manipulative for practice and teaching purposes. Select the grade, the background, and the manipulatives you would like to use. Use the tools at the bottom to help you teach.
This is a simple and effective resource.  Thanks Avi for spotting it.


Ray Appel's site with lots of math freebies including some of his math related 'you tube' videos that tie into our mathematical process.


Some video clips you will hopefully find worthwhile watching

Dan Meyer Math Curriculum Makeover - A thought provoking video clip of an American Highschool math teacher who has spent a lot of time thinking about what helps to develop 'Patient Problem Solvers'.  Thanks Jordan for bringing it to our attention.  Dan Meyer's Blog is also useful for 'real world' ideas for instructing high school math.
The Futures Channel This collection of video clips (3 or 4 free ones 'opened' each month) presents the links  between mathematics and the real world - with clear math applications appropriate for higher grades.
Math Journals

This is a Youtube clip from Ray Appel on Math Journals ... he also has a great collection of Journal writing ideas.

Lesson Video Clips of ...

Ten Flashing Fireflies

Centipede's 100 Shoes



These video clips were created to support the Primary Story Problem lessons that are posted on the K to 3 links. In them, Christine VanderRee models the use of the part-part-whole cards and story problem think boards.  The children are incredible at explaining their strategies.

Thanks Kevin Reimer for videoing and editing.  Thanks also to Kathy Sirrs and her amazing 2/3 class for allowing us to video you!

Christine VanderRee


Math contests to challenge your students

Caribou Math Contest

This free math contest comes out of Ontario.  Students are registered through a teacher, have opportunites for on-line practice and can enter the six contests per year.  An exciting component for the 'competitive' stuent is the opportunity to see individual statistics.

Thanks Jan Smith for bringing this to my attention.


Some blogs to follow that have some thoughtful comments about math and teaching in general


David Wees A healthy discussion about how we approach math

Some good resources for those masters you just can't do without.

Home School Math Number Charts for counting, skip counting and multiples.