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Statistics Lesson

Ian Elliott, a student teacher at UVic shared this lesson on grade 9 data collection and came up with this worksheet on the issues involved in collecting data.


He put the students in A/B partners and first of all had them decide who was A and who was B by a statistical method of some kind.  eg. One group had A as the person with the most As in their first name; other groups flipped a coin; 

Then he numbered each pair off from 1-8 (repeat if more than 16 students) and group 1 took question 1 etc.  A had to do the A questions and B the B questions.  They discussed in pairs for 3 minutes and then presented their answers to the class.  He did all the A questions first and then the B.



It sounds as though this prompted some great iscussion  especially 1B, 4B, 5A. 

Thanks Wendy Swonnell for posting and the BCAMT list serve and seeking permission from Ian to post it here.